IsatPhone 2 Review [Reliable Satellite Phone]

IsatPhone 2 Review

If your search for a good satellite phone leads you to the IsatPhone 2 page on the manufacturer’s website, the words, ‘Ready. Reliable. Robust.’ will confront you in bold letters. That is the first impression Inmarsat wants you to have of the phone. As a marketing tool, it is very clever. 

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5 Best Satellite Phone for Backpacking

Best Satellite Phone for Backpacking

Experienced adventurers know for a fact that satellite phones are the best form of communication when you are in the middle of nowhere. But for the cost, it would be the most common means of exchanging messages in places there is no cell network or in the aftermath of an extreme natural disaster with regular communication networks down. 

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How To Build A Ham Radio From Scratch

If your knowledge of electronic circuits and electrical components are rudimentary, you might be intimidated by you need to build a ham radio from scratch. But with the kits available online and in electronics ships, you’d be surprised how easy it is that even a kid can build one. In fact, DIY ham radio kits are even turning up in STEM subscription boxes for kids these days.

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