Motorola Review, Setup & Troubleshooting

Motorola is a leading brand in the mobile communication industry. Here is a compilation of our resources on the Motorola brand. It includes specific Motorola product reviews, as well as troubleshooting and setup guide for Motorola walkie talkies and radios

Motorola MT350R Review

I grabbed the opportunity to do a Motorola MT350R review a while back when a buddy invited me to his dad’s farm down south. Maybe I should call it a ranch because the operation was more livestock than any farming. 

Motorola T600 vs T605 (Comparison Review)

A Motorola T600 vs T605 analysis is similar to comparing two apples of different colors. On the face of it, it’s obvious that one of the apples is, for the sake of this piece, green and the other is red.

How To Program a Motorola Radio

Your Motorola radio programming mode allows you to change some settings while others are left unchanged as they are non-programmable. The programmable settings on your walkie-talkie include