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How To Build A Ham Radio From Scratch

If your knowledge of electronic circuits and electrical components are rudimentary, you might be intimidated by you need to build a ham radio from scratch. But with the kits available online and in electronics ships, you’d be surprised how easy it is that even a kid can build one. 

Radio Communication During Disaster

It is only during a disaster that people appreciate many of the things they normally take for granted. For instance, normal communication becomes difficult because, either the networks are over-burdened or have been completely destroyed due to the severity of the disaster. 

How Does Ham Radio Work During Disasters?

Many folks who have heard about the wonderful service ham radio operators provide during disasters don’t have the slightest idea how the whole system works. If they had to guess, there would be no mention of the structure and complex organization that goes into preparing for a disaster and managing the communication aspect of disasters by ham radio operators.