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Emergency Communications Plan [SHTF Quick Guide]

The thing about emergencies is, they always catch you unprepared even if you have a contingency plan including a comprehensive emergency communications plan. You’d find yourself scrambling around trying to figure out the steps to take to deal with the emergency. 

How To Build A Ham Radio From Scratch

If your knowledge of electronic circuits and electrical components are rudimentary, you might be intimidated by you need to build a ham radio from scratch. But with the kits available online and in electronics ships, you’d be surprised how easy it is that even a kid can build one. In fact, DIY ham radio kits are even turning up in STEM subscription boxes for kids these days.

Radio Communication During Disaster

It is only during a disaster that people appreciate many of the things they normally take for granted. For instance, normal communication becomes difficult because, either the networks are over-burdened or have been completely destroyed due to the severity of the disaster.