Uniden Review, Setup & Troubleshooting

Uniden as a company is a big contender when it comes to manufacturing of quality walkie talkies. We’ve reviewed the best uniden radio on this page, and some of the content also covers programming Uniden radio as well as troubleshooting typical uniden radio.

Uniden BC125AT Review (Bearcat Scanner)

For radio scanner enthusiasts, this is a detailed Uniden BC125AT review article.

Pick any 10 radio scanner enthusiasts and ask them what features they see as essential in their ideal radio scanner. Most would consider military and civil aviation frequencies, weather channels, and amateur bands. CB, FRS and GMRS frequency coverage is seen as added bonuses.

If that is what you want in an ideal scanner, the Uniden BC125AT fits the profile almost perfectly with the added advantage that it won’t cost you much to get one.