Scanner Buying Guide

There are lots of reasons for getting a radio scanner. They can provide a live stream of useful communications from a variety of public agencies and broadcasters, alerting you of potential safety issues, weather and local event information.

We’ve reviewed some of the best scanners for different occasions. Whatever your reasons are, you’ve got the perfect scanner for your purpose.

Whistler TRX 2 Review

Digital police scanners, like the Whistler TRX 2, are becoming an increasingly vital tool for professional and personal use. Many people depend exclusive on the scanners for a living. That…

Uniden BCD996P2 Review

Uniden have made a name for themselves in the world of police scanners, and for very good reasons too. They have a range of mobile and handheld scanners that have…

Uniden HomePatrol 2 Review [Touch Screen Scanner]

Radio scanners that are easy to use are usually hard to come across. Most of them require that you program the frequencies during setup before you can start using them. The Uniden HomePatrol 2 seeks to redress that problem with a scanner that is simple to use while packing all the features expected of a premium device.

Lets see how this scanner stacks up in 2020 now that unit has been available for the last couple of years.

Uniden BC125AT Review (Bearcat Scanner)

For radio scanner enthusiasts, this is a detailed Uniden BC125AT review article.

Pick any 10 radio scanner enthusiasts and ask them what features they see as essential in their ideal radio scanner. Most would consider military and civil aviation frequencies, weather channels, and amateur bands. CB, FRS and GMRS frequency coverage is seen as added bonuses.

If that is what you want in an ideal scanner, the Uniden BC125AT fits the profile almost perfectly with the added advantage that it won’t cost you much to get one.