Midland 1001LWX Review (CB Radio Review)

This Midland 1001LWX review was written from personal experience. Features and limitations were equally examined. So if you intend to get a CB radio for your truck, and the 1001LWX Midland is one of the options you’re considering, then it’s a good idea to read this review.

Truckers whose day job involves spending a large part of the day on the road know that 2-way radios are indispensable. The Midland 1001LWX CB radio is one such radio that is specifically targeted at truckers, off-roaders, etc., who desire an inexpensive gadget that nails the basic performance expected from communication devices.

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Midland 75-822 Review (CB Radio Review)

midland 75 822

This is an unbiased Midland 75-822 Review. We discussed every single thing one could look for in a CB radio of it’s type.

If you like taking road trips with your friends, family or even alone, you’d know by now that having a two-way radio is important. Those who have used the Midland 75-822 CB radio have only nice things to say about it.

That is to say, it appears to have all the important qualities one expects from a communication gadget suitable for a road trip. And what are these features?

Off the top of my head, without going into specifics, that should be reliability and consistency. Nobody digs a gadget whose functions goes south at the precise moment they are needed to perform.

Let’s dive into our own Midland 75-822 review and find out what parts of all that talk about the device from off-roaders and lovers of the outdoors are true and what parts ain’t.

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