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Ham Radio Kits for Beginners [ The Must-Haves]

Becoming a ham radio operator isn’t hard if you have the money, time and determination to stick at it. Actually, all you may need is just curiosity to get into this universe that, to outsiders, looks like a place reserved for only nerds and weird people with no active social life. 

How To Connect Baofeng Walkie Talkie

Buying a cool walkie talkie like a Baofeng device is just the first step in two-way handheld wireless communication. Because some Baofeng models are high-end hybrid units, using them can be confusing to first-timers. 

How To Unlock Kenwood Handheld Radio

How to unlock Kenwood handheld radio is a common question many walkie talkie vendors get from users of these devices. The ‘lock’ issue is an unintentional fallout of a nice little feature known as ‘Super lock’ that can be found in supported Kenwood walkie talkies.