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Baofeng UV 82HP Review (Specs, Features & Programming)

This is a detailed Baofeng UV 82HP Review. We’ve considered the features, specification and the programming process in this review.

The Baofeng UV-82HP is stylized as a ham radio for amateurs. Looking at this feature-rich 2-way handheld radio, many folks used to handling such gadgets would have a different opinion about that.

Sure, this device is not the most sophisticated around, but veteran users of walkie talkies wouldn’t mind having this as part of their gear when they need to communicate using a two-way radio.

The UV-82HP is the second generation of the popular UV-82 series of handheld portable radios from BaoFeng. Like the BF-F8HP, it is an upgrade on the UV-5R and not just a fancier looking device with brighter colors.

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Specifications and Features: BaoFeng UV-82HP

Weight: 14.4 oz

Power output:  1W/5W/7W max

Speaker output: 1W

Battery: 1800mAh

Channels: 128

Antenna connector: SMA-Female

Frequency range: 136 – 174MHz, 400 – 520.99MHz

Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz (narrow band); 25 KHz (wideband)

PTT: Dual

The radio comes with all the typical features of the predecessor. But straight away, one would notice that this unit is sleeker and slimmer with a few other cosmetic designs.

But the obvious aesthetics apart, there are other features that qualify this device as a better, more modern walkie talkie.

Review of BaoFeng UV-82HP

BaoFeng UV-82 High Power BaoFeng Radio Ham Radio Handheld 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies with Earpiece,Handheld Speaker Mic and Programming Cable (2 Pack-Black)

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Programming BaoFeng UV 82HP.

To get things off the road as far as using the UV-82HP is concerned, you would have to program the unit. Manual programming is possible but you need to be an experienced hand with radios to load and set up the memories.

But you’d need to do it with a computer and an appropriate cable; it is quite easy. The device has the latest software which is compatible with CHIRP. This makes it a simple case of downloading the software to your PC and connecting the UV-82HP to the computer.

Ensure you get the correct programming cable before you start.

Programming should be easy and if you are a bit confused, the excellently written English manual would guide you through.

A word about the manual. BaoFeng should be commended for producing a manual that does not mangle the English language which is a common occurrence with Chinese made gadgets.


A distinct positive of the radio is the speaker quality which puts out more power making it loud and clear. This is good for those windy days you might have a problem making out the words coming from the radio.

Because the speaker puts out decent power, it is easy to judge the quality of the receiver. Apparently, the position of the antenna affects the quality of the reception.

For instance, you get a better signal holding the device upright than if you hold it horizontally. Basically, you would need to keep the antenna vertically to for better reception.

The quality of the transmitted signal of the device is far superior to earlier models of the UV-82 series. This could be due to the bigger 1800mAh battery that supplies more power.


Many users have reported getting a range of up to 50 miles with the BaoFeng UV-82HP. This range can only be possible while using the maximum power of 8 watts on a clear day with no obstacles though.

A common complaint among regular users of two-way radios is the amount of white noise or static you get when trying to hit other radios at a considerable distance.

This BaoFeng model does a good job of delivering quality signals at 1 Watt for 25 miles range with little background noise. At 5 watts though, you get zero static. This is very remarkable for a walkie talkie of this price range.

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Push-to-talk (PTT) button

The PTT or transmission button is located at the top on the left-hand side of the radio. This is out of the norm from what obtains in other radios where it is located either on the left or right side and not at the top.

People with large hands would love this as it makes it easier for them to push down on the bottom when they want to transmit or receive messages.

The button has a toggle built into it which allows users to transmit on either Band A or Band B. There are no extra hoops to jump through to get to your desired band. Simply push the top of the toggle to get to Band A; and if Band B is where you want to be, just press the bottom of the toggle to get there.

Most times, you won’t need this feature. But it could be life-saver for people who need to make contact immediately on two different channels.

However, since it is a semi-duplex radio, you cannot hear both bands at the same time. This should be one of the things BaoFeng must rectify in the next evolution of the UV-82 series.

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Other features

BaoFeng UV-82HP comes with a built-in LED flashlight. To focus the light, an enclosed lens and reflector are integrated as part of the flashlight.

It also features an FM radio to listen to, alarm mode, removable A-V85 antenna, dual PTT headset, belt clip, desktop charger, hand, strap, squelch, CTCSS/DCS, DTMF calling methods and other features you’d expect from any decent walkie talkie.


It has a relatively low price tag

The maximum power of 8 watts is great

Compatible with CHIRP software

It is a very rugged walkie talkie

A much-improved antenna

Awesome battery life

Has metal connectors at mic/speaker connection

Responsive keypad buttons

Dual PTT, Menu, VFO Switching can be disabled (or enabled) via CHIRP settings.


The antenna is susceptible to interference

Selectivity is rather poor in areas with lots of radio frequencies

Power switch accidentally turns on easily


BaoFeng UV-82HP is truly an impressive hand-held two-way radio. Apart from the more refined design, so many of the features make it a big upgrade from its predecessors.

Overall, the device is easy to program as long as a good programming cable is used. Additionally, it has plenty of power for transmission which helps the range tremendously especially on clear days.

However, it would have been nice if BaoFeng had gone the whole way with a higher quality antenna. It’s a good thing this problem can be resolved easily by detaching the stock antenna and getting a better one.

In terms of balancing features such as performance, design and price, the BaoFeng UV-82HP just about got it right with a bit of room for improvement.

BaoFeng UV-82 High Power BaoFeng Radio Ham Radio Handheld 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies with Earpiece,Handheld Speaker Mic and Programming Cable (2 Pack-Black)
  • 128 channels memory,high/med/low power settings,power save, scan, alarm,dual watch functions,TOT time out timer,busy channel lock-out function (BCLO), OFFSET(frequency offset for repeater access), VOX function, squelch adjustment, LED flashlight,FCC ID: 2AJGM-UV82
  • ②The baofeng uv-82 come with a dual push-to-talk button, you can choose which one to talk on by pressing the up or bottom ends of the PTT switch.
  • ③Baofeng Handheld Speaker Mic: When the radio is placed on the waist or backpack,fix the MIC on the shoulder. You can work directly with the MlC without taking out the radio. Provides high quality sound even in noisy environments and helps provide truly perfect long range distance communication.