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Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie is not Receiving/Transmitting

This is the fix for when Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie is not receiving or transmitting.

It’s important to quickly point out that this problem is a little bit synonymous to the XTR 446 model. Many users have made several complaints about this issue.

Most of the time, one of the talkies has a mini walkie talkie icon stuck on the screen and it won’t transmit or receive if you try to make use of it.

Reasons Why Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie Is Not Receiving?

Some of the common reasons associated with this problem include:

  1. Bad or Low battery
  2. Improper Programming
  3. Depressed PPT button
  4. Dysfunctional Antenna
  5. Radio Aging

I have discussed each of these possible causes and how to troubleshoot your Motorola XTR 446 in order to fix it. Generally, when your Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie is not receiving or transmitting, trying one of the solutions below should help a great deal in fixing and getting it to work.

The first step to fixing this issue is by conducting some troubleshooting to know exactly what is wrong with the talkie. Because the stuck icon can be interpreted differently, depending on the situations.

Take, for instance, if the icon has parenthesis around it, it simply means that your Push To Talk button is depressed, you should check to see that it’s not stuck or mistakenly pressed in any way. This is the first thing you want to confirm. If the PTT is not depressed, then you can go ahead with other troubleshooting.

Another easy troubleshoot is to check if your batteries are good and well charged. This same problem might arise as a result of bad or low battery charge. If this is the perceived cause, it’s better to charge to see if this eliminates the problem, or test the radio with another good battery entirely. More often than not, switching the battery for a good one will fix the issue.

If that does not solve the issue, then it’s time to ensure your settings is properly done. If the two radios are not on the same frequency channel, aside from making sure the frequency channel is the same, ensure the interference code eliminator is properly programmed for both radio. If you’re able to tick this box, and sure they’re well programmed, then it’s

Total radio reset is another quick way to ensure the programming is in good order. To reset the radio, power on the device, while pressing the two volume buttons at the same time, as well as the PTT button. Hold on to it for a while, until here a really high-pitched tone. With that, you have successfully reset the radio to its default settings.

This is a quick way to ensure that the problem is not a result of bad programming. Reset it to default eliminates that possibilities, but if Motorola XTR 446 Walkie Talkie is not receiving or transmitting after this reset, you should consider taking it to a radio expert for fixing. Usually, it would require a more advanced diagnosis, and software reprogramming. If you don’t mind digging into the user manual yourself, then you can search for your radio’s manual here.