Radio Review: What We Love Or Hate

From Motorola, to uniden, to Cobra, or just about any company that makes mobile communication devices, ranging from walkie talkies, to CB radio and other types of two way radios. This page is dedicated to indepth review of individual products, where we share what we love or hate about each of the product.

Motorola MT350R Review

I grabbed the opportunity to do a Motorola MT350R review a while back when a buddy invited me to his dad’s farm down south. Maybe I should call it a ranch because the operation was more livestock than any farming. 

BC75XLT vs BC125AT (Comparison Review)

One of the first thoughts that came to mind when I decided to do a Uniden comparative analysis was something I read a few years ago about the marketing strategies of big manufacturers.

Motorola T600 vs T605 (Comparison Review)

A Motorola T600 vs T605 analysis is similar to comparing two apples of different colors. On the face of it, it’s obvious that one of the apples is, for the sake of this piece, green and the other is red.

Cobra 18WXSTII Review

For me, a Cobra 18WXSTII review is almost like talking about my favorite hockey team.

For a long time now, it has been my reliable CB radio. Tucked neatly under the dash of my SUV, it helps me figure out the routes with backed up traffic and alternative routes to take.